About us

My name is , and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our NewGen Direct website.

Our product NewGen Superfoods Plus is revolutionary. Each serving provides 34 raw freeze-dried whole food vegetables, seeds, grains, protein & fibre, plus over 60 trace plant minerals, an antioxidant super blend, 5 digestive enzymes to help you maximise the benefits of the product and over 5 billion dairy free probiotics, all in one single serving which can be added to both food and water. It even has ancient benefits, as the 60+ trace minerals are actually mined from ancient plant deposits from Senonian Strata, which is believed to date back over 70 million years ago when Dinosaurs ruled the world.

NewGen Direct is a certified organic company, using certified organic ingredients whenever possible, which amount to almost 92% of the formula. Although a costly way of doing things, in NewGen’s opinion the unbeatable benefits of organic ingredients greatly outweigh the monetary costs, something that most alternative supplement providers do not even consider. Fully committed to using the highest quality processing systems, the raw whole foods contained in NewGen Superfoods Plus are dried using an expertly developed freeze drying process that makes it possible to capture 100% of their full, fresh flavour and nutritional value.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about our product, the independent tests with world leading laboratories and our manufacturing standards which are second to none.