If you are looking for a highly experienced Direct Selling (Network Marketing) Consultancy company, which is a certified member of the UK Direct Selling Association (DSA), then look no further. Our founder Clinton Sellers, started his career in the Direct Selling industry in the late 1980’s, almost 29 years ago and has a wealth of experience to share with you, whether you are starting up a new company or running an established business which needs additional support.


Many Consultants offer services, giving you advice on things that they have not done for themselves. For example, you might want to start-up a new Direct Selling Network Marketing company and want to know all the intricacies of setting it up, the pitfalls to be aware of and how to form a successful strategy to build a network. If your Business Consultant has not done these things for themselves, which is likely the case, then they cannot offer the same level of advice as someone who has. As you will read below, we have an exemplary track record and extensive first-hand experience in all three areas of Direct Selling Network Marketing. These are three important questions to ask your Consultant;


  1. Do you have an extensive and successful senior corporate track record in more than one international Direct Selling Network Marketing company in this industry and are those businesses still around today?

  2. Have you been a successful Distributor before with a large scale international network, turning over millions a year, so you don't just preach theory, but actually understand how leading Distributors build their businesses and the requirements that they have, including training, marketing material, the compensation plan (marketing plan) and support needed from the company, so they can truly excel?

  3. Have you set up your very own Direct Selling Network Marketing company before? It is one set of experience working for a company or giving people advice based on theory, and a totally different level of experience actually creating a company from scratch, running your own successful international Direct Selling Network Marketing company and knowing first-hand what it takes day-to-day to make it work.

    In Clinton's opinion, there are two main categories of Consultants/Mentors/Teachers/Authors; The ones who cannot do it for themselves, but make a career out of telling others how to do the things that they have not done and then there are people who are the 'Real McCoy', who have actually done it themselves very successfully and want to use their experience and passion to help others. Do your due diligence and make sure you are getting the very best advice by someone who has actually done what you are setting out to do.


Direct Sellers Consultancy owner, Clinton Sellers, is the 'Real McCoy'; he has been immersed in this industry since a child and has had a remarkable career spanning almost 29 years, gaining vast amounts of knowledge that can help you and your business save money, time and create success; 

  • Clinton Sellers is a second generation success story, following the success of his father, who ran some of the most well-known companies in his day

  • Clinton Sellers has held top corporate positions in the Direct Selling (Network Marketing) industry and was in fact the youngest person in his day to run an international company in our industry at the age of 25

  • Clinton Sellers became the highest ranking European Distributor, with a huge international network with a company for over 13 years, with a multi-million annual turnover

  • Clinton Sellers has trained and mentored thousands upon thousands of people to build successful businesses nationally and internationally

  • Clinton Sellers is a founder, owner & CEO of his own Direct Selling Network Marketing (MLM) company. In fact, Clinton Sellers is the first and only person in the history of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to own both a registered DSA member company and a certified DSA suppliers company at the same time. Clinton is able to offer companies a unique insight to the industry, providing invaluable advice at all levels from new start-ups who start their business from home, all the way through to highly successful established companies. Clinton Sellers has walked the path, knowing what it takes to create a company in this industry from scratch, with a business in its first year, which saw distributors join in 22 countries and within weeks, his company was featured extensively in mainstream British press, including a full page feature in the national newspaper the Daily Express and features in top publications, including OK magazine and more 


    The industry has changed significantly in the last decade with the huge surge of growth through social media prospecting. In Direct Selling Association member companies, there are over 88,000 distributors in the UK who are in their early twenties, using social media as one of their main forms to introduce their product and company to their contacts. At Direct Sellers Consultancy, we can help you in all these areas and others to create effective workable strategies, saving you money, time and helping you create the momentum that you need to excel in this fast moving industry.

    For more details about our founders background, please read the bio and career details below.




All aspects of the business, including;

  • Setting up businesses from scratch
  • Helping established businesses have a new lease of life & growth
  • Product & service appraisals
  • Fulfilment, distribution & warehousing
  • Off site call handling
  • Corporate staff training
  • Corporate organisational structure
  • Internal & legal affairs matters
  • Development of business culture
  • Helping companies create a virtual & consolidated structure
  • Assistance on Acquisitions
  • Industry training 


  • Demographic & target market assessment
  • Assessing objectives & goals of company
  • Creating a powerful brand identity
  • Online & Social Media strategy
  • PR Campaign


  • Starter Kits
  • Product & Business Literature
  • Training Materials & Presentations
  • Website Assessments or Creation
  • Recruiting Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Events Planning
  • Promotions





  • Work with you to determine your goals and budget to determine the type of Marketing Plan (Compensation Plan) that would suit your business model
  • Design from scratch or develop your existing Marketing Plan
  • Create or review your recognition, awards & incentives strategies
  • Create effective hostess rewards programmes for Party Plan companies or hybrids
  • Design Fast Start Programmes
  • Help companies who wish to incorporate the strength of network marketing and party plan incentives in their existing business


  • Industry training & mentoring at all levels
  • One of one coaching/mentoring
  • Departmental setup & training;
    - Order handling
    - Distributor & Customer Services
    - Data Entry
    - Accounts
    - Returns & Customer Aftercare
    - Legal & Internal Affairs
    - Meetings & Events
    - Incentives & Promotions
  • Distributor training systems;
    - Getting Started
    - First Steps in business
    - The day in the life of a successful Distributor
    - Product & Business training 
    - Leadership development training


  • Determine your software requirements
  • Choose the right software company for your business model & budget
  • Assist or fully manage the client software integration
  • Put a business and Marketing (Compensation) Plan technical document together for the programmers



Founder of Direct Sellers Consultancy, Clinton Sellers, is a second generation success story. Over the years, the Sellers family have created a very success name for themselves in the industry. Clinton grew up as a child with his father ‘Ken Sellers’ running some of the most well-known and successful Network Marketing companies in his day. Being immersed in the industry from an early age, Clinton remembers the first meeting he went to when he was only 7 years old, he was asked to stand up in front of an audience of 10,000+people at the NEC in Birmingham, England when his Father was a Director of Amway. Clinton followed in his father's footsteps and at the age of only 25 years, he was the youngest person to run an internation business in the industry. Please read about Clinton Sellers' career below…



With almost 29 years experience in the Direct Selling Network Marketing industry, Clinton Sellers is the owner of Direct Sellers Consultancy, a UK based company and a certified member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), providing a wealth of experience to new companies starting up in the industry for the first time, all the way through to supporting established international businesses. Clinton Sellers’ background is unique and in fact we are not aware of anyone in the industry who has excelled in all three areas, with a successful corporate background, a successful background as a distributor with a multi-million pound turnover for over 13 years and as a successful company Founder & CEO with his own Direct Selling company which hit the British press within weeks of launching. Confidentiality agreements are drawn up with all clients and we can work on either an ad hoc, project or retainer basis. For new companies, we are also able to ensure that you are setup correctly to apply to join the Direct Selling Association (DSA). A list of our main services are shown above and in addition, there are many other ways we can help support you to build your own successful business in this growing and exciting industry.


Clinton Sellers is the founder, owner & CEO of NewGen Direct, a certified organic international company and a member organisation of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). In the company’s first year, NewGen Direct had Distributors join in 22 countries across the world and in the first 6 months the company was featured in mainstream British press, including a full page headline feature article in the Daily Express and features in OK magazine, Sunday People, Women’s Fitness, Female First, Vitality, Beauty & the Dirt, Health Magazine and more. Alongside this company, Clinton runs Direct Sellers Consultancy and he is the only person in DSA history to own both a DSA registered member company and cetified DSA suppliers company. As the owner of these companies, Clinton has a wealth of experience that benefits anyone wanting to start up and succeed in the Direct Selling Network Marketing industry


Clinton Sellers became the Sales & Marketing Director and conjoint Managing Director for Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP). The company sold a large range of nutritional & herbal supplements, skincare and cosmetic products, in the region of 300 SKUs’. Clinton's responsibilities included the Distributor network, Sales & Marketing, Orders, Customer Services, Marketing & PR, Organising and training/hosting at all company events, Chairman of the Distributor leadership Council, Commission plan & incentives and Director liaising with the distributor network & top distributors etc. Clinton wrote a new bespoke Uni Level Breakaway Marketing Plan (Incentive Plan) for the company in 1998, which is still used by the company today. In 1999, Clinton Sellers negotiated to become the number one company sponsored distributor.

With a great deal of success and a network of many thousands of people, Clinton Sellers was the largest European Distributor for Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) with a multi-million annual turnover for over 13 years. Clinton trained audiences in different countries, teaching people about business, sales, marketing, communication, planning, personal development, motivation, public speaking techniques, plus most areas needed for people to start-up in business through the different stages of progression and development, all the way through to teaching the highest ranking leaders to further develop their businesses. Clinton authored and designed the majority of the company’s/networks sales, marketing, recruitment, training & development tools, hundreds of presentations. At the point of leaving NSP, Clinton was at the highest recognised position of World Presidential Director and the main face of the business in Europe producing a multi-million pound (sterling) turnover. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, Clinton went on to start up his own Direct Selling consultancy company, which became ‘Direct Sellers Consultancy’, plus his own international Direct Selling company called ‘NewGen Direct’.


Clinton became Director of Sales & Marketing for Quorum International and within a matter of weeks, was promoted to Vice President, running the large international head office for the company's operations in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and the pre-launch markets of Norway and Finland. Quorum International sold electronic equipment, gadgets and some food supplements. The company was well-known internationally.

At the time, Clinton was the youngest person to run a large international company in the industry, reporting directly to the owner based in Hong Kong. Clinton ran the international office, the main departments included; international orders, sales & customer service departments with sub-departments of multi-lingual international staff, marketing & PR, accounts, warehouse, operations, the Distribution centre and satellite distribution centres. Clinton's responsibilities also included; organising and training at company events, Chairman of the Distributor leadership council, responsible for the incentive programmes and Clinton also regularly hosted the company’s satellite TV programme ‘QSN’, the first satellite programme ever to be broadcasted in the Direct Selling industry. Clinton recollects, ‘there were many memorable moments, but one in particular, the excitement of pre-launching the business in Scandinavia to an audience of thousands of people in Stockholm, the atmosphere was electric'. Clinton went on to become Director of Sales & Marketing and conjoint Managing Director of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP)


Clinton Sellers became Regional Sales Manager for Kleeneze, the largest British Network Marketing company, working for a highly successful serial entrepreneur called Nigel Swaby who owned Innovations & Scotts of Stow. Kleeneze sold a large range of household items, gadgets, food supplements & cosmetics. Clinton was responsible for Distributor training in his region, plus a variety of departments including Accounts and Distributor Services, with the added responsibility of running the company’s Internal & Legal Affairs. Clinton was given the task to ‘head up’ and plan the historic project to launch the company into Ireland, their very first market outside of the UK and Clinton wrote a bespoke Uni Level Breakaway Marketing Plan for the company which the company went on to use with great success. From this position, at the age of 25, Clinton Sellers went on to become the Director of Sales & Marketing for Quorum International and was then promoted to Vice President, running the company in 5 countries.


From 1988, Clinton Sellers worked at NSA for five and a half years, experiencing first-hand the company’s growth from a small business into an international success story, which became the largest Network Marketing company in its day in the UK and most European countries. With a natural flair to learn complex Breakaway Marketing Plans (Distributor Compensation Plans) to an operating level, one of Clinton’s first jobs was to use his skills to manually calculate the commissions for large Distributor organisations when the newly installed computer software system miscalculated it. His working experience included Customer Services, Orders, Data Entry, Buy Backs, Managing Legal & Internal Affairs, International Expansion and Distributor & leadership training. Although still a fledgling, at the time of leaving NSA, Clinton had already created a name for himself in the Direct Selling industry and went on to join Kleeneze, which at the time, was the largest Direct Selling Network Marketing company founded in the UK.