Launch of new website

We are delighted to launch our new website, profiling the Consultancy services that Clinton Sellers' offers in the Direct Selling & Network Marketing industry. If you are looking for a highly experienced business Consultant or Mentor in the Direct Selling & Network Marketing (MLM) industry, then look no further. Clinton Sellers’ unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry during the last 28 years, makes him the ideal specialist to help new start-up companies and existing companies alike. Some people make the expensive mistake of hiring a Consultant who is going to tell them how to do things that they have not personally done themselves, the market is full of people like that. For many, if people can't do it themselves, they become a Consultant or write a book. Clinton is the real macoy; he has been immersed in this industry since a child and has had a remarkable career spanning 28 years, gaining vast amounts of knowledge that can help you and your business save money, time and create success

  • Clinton Sellers is a second generation success story, following the success of his father running some of the most well-known companies in his day
  • Clinton has held top corporate positions in the Direct Selling (Network Marketing) industry
  • Clinton became the highest ranking European Distributor with a company for over 13 years with a multi-million annual turnover
  • Clinton has trained and mentored many thousands of people to build businesses nationally and internationally
  • Clinton is a founder, owner & CEO of his own Direct Selling [Network Marketing MLM] company. He has walked the path, knowing what it takes to create a company in this industry from scratch. In his company's first year, they saw distributors joining in 22 countries and being featured extensively in mainstream press including a full page in the Daily Express and features in OK magazine and more